Fairy Faith in the North West

The Vision: Fiona MacLeod
IN a fair place
Of whin and grass,
I heard feet pass
Where no one was.
I saw a face 5
Bloom like a flower—
Nay, as the rainbow-shower
Of a tempestuous hour.
It was not man, or woman:
It was not human: 10
But, beautiful and wild,
Terribly undefiled,
I knew an unborn child.

The Fairy Faith has always been something I’ve invested time and study into. It is a huge part of my life in many ways; from my spiritual practice, to the connections it has to my own heritage. Its something that has shaped my life, and for the better.

I had amazing connections to the land and to the spirits and fair folk that dwell within it when I lived in Wyoming. Its tough leaving all that behind when moving to another state. Though to my joy, I find that Washington State has a large connection to the practices of the Fairy Faith. Not only in the local fairies that exist there, but also the amount of people participating with it in some way. Some of those folks are active only in a small part compared to their larger practice, but others, much like myself, have their spirituality and beliefs heavily defined by it.

Its quite the exhilarating feeling to be honest! 😀

The idea of doing my practices with others is quite exciting. So, I take this time to better dedicate myself into my spiritual practices and beliefs, and seek to better myself as a Pagan, a witch, and a Fairy Doctor.

Its one of the reasons why I have created this blog~

wish me luck guys!


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