A time for the Winter Solstice

I will gaze at the stars,
And maybe even Mars,
They are all so bright,
On a wonderful clear winter night,
Feeling the breeze,
Watching the trees,
They’re swaying with grace,
In this peaceful little place,


It is a time that Winter Court rules the land of man, and when the Oak king and Holly king make battle. It is when the ruler of Oaks shall conquer and allow our sun to return to our sky.

Upon a table top, you shall have two candles. One adorned with the treasures and glories of the Summer, and the other dressed with the burdens and sacrifices of the Winter. It is during the night of the Solstice that they shall be lit, but when the night ends only one shall remain lit.

The candle of Oak shall gain its power and welcome the morning of the coming sun, while the candle of Holly shall be blown out to say goodbye to the darkness of the night.

It is during this time you may state two wishes. A wish for something new to come and a wish for something old to depart. You can take this time to banish something from your life and to welcome something else. For on the darkest night of the year strange things can occur…

Happy Holidays everyone! 😀


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