Sacred wells

The Fairy Well of Lagnanay–
Lie nearer me, I tremble so,–
Una, I’ve heard wise women say
(Hearken to my tale of woe)–
That if before the dews arise,
True maiden in its icy flow
With pure hand bathe her bosom thrice,
Three lady-brackens pluck likewise,
And three times round the fountain go,
She straight forgets her tears and sighs.”
Hearken to my tale of woe!


Well worship and honoring is a practice found in the Celtic nations, primarily Ireland and Scotland. They were seen as holy locations famed for their healing abilities and ties to the supernatural. In prechristian times, they were seen as places that powerful druids and spirits would gather to and use its power. With the introduction of Christianity, the wells were later seen as places that a saint had blessed or had dwelt near during their life. In the Fairy Faith, they are seen as places blessed by fairies, places that hold hidden doorways into Faery itself. A place were one can find elfstones, fairy water, and plants sacred to fairies.

Its difficult to find local wells, both when I was back in Wyoming and now that I’m in Seattle. However, its power can still be represented at home.

I plan on getting a stone bowl and blessing it, so when water is poured from it I may say “Sacred Well, you are linked past, present, future. The powers of the ancients, from which you represent, shall give their blessing. It is known”

I might even place it near the fairy door to get a little help from the fairies that are welcomed in my home~


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