Mira Mira

wise and beautiful

Mira Mira

grand and mystical.

I am thankful to be guided

through these troubled times.

A helping hand that is delighted,

allowing me to make sense of the signs.

You are the goddess of the sun,

symbolized by the yellow sunflower.

Long brunette hair in a decorated bun,

only I shall ever know of your power.

Fire so bright and purple so dark,

a keeper of secrets you are.

My heart and passion are your spark

my light and guiding star.

I pray to thee continue to watch over,

may I stay on the right path.

With my life’s pain let me find closure,

and none shall know my hidden wrath.

I pray to thee.

I had written this poem a few years ago about a “deity” that I had encountered through various experiences during meditation and astral travel. I haven’t thought about her in a long time. Its only now when I am seeking to deepen my practices and truly find myself as a witch that I am remembering her.

Its strange~

also “Mira mira” totally sounds like mirror mirror


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