Witch Bottles

Knot Magick

Witch bottles are often discussed in my circle however I was recently asked for some advice so I thought it time to publish this post on Witch bottles.

Witch bottles are familiar in concept to many pagans, representing a “bottled spell” with the tradition originating as far back as the 1500’s in British folklore. Most often they are found hidden in the fabric of buildings, in liminal locations such as under doorsteps and stairs and in chimneys. They form part of the hidden assemblage, also including shoes and dedicated cats, which are an example of witchcraft prevention in action.

Bottles are most often found unsealed, due to their age and the depredations of time. This means that some of the contents missing, particularly liquid components such as urine. Although testing often shows that urine was at one time present it can provide little information.

An exception was a sealed bottle…

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