Life in the city can be difficult

I love living in the Seattle area; however, I now live in an apartment at a busy section. I don’t have the space or quiet I once had back in Wyoming. Then again, its something that was a given in a place with a very tiny population. The antelope out numbered the people.

Anyways, I suppose I’ve adapted to this life rather well. For starters, I now have ear plugs and bluetooth ear-buds, so I can keep focused during my magical works. Its also really difficult not having the freedom to have outside shrines for fairies. Luckily, I’ve found a pagan church that allows people to have and maintain their own personal shrines on their properties, but it is a 30 minute drive away to their property, and at this time I can’t go there whenever I please. I have gotten a bit more creative with my altars though~ (below is the current altar I have)


In the spring, I plan on growing and maintaining a small potted plant on my altar to help tie it to the wilds that I crave.

Also at this time, I am moving to the larger master bedroom now that the previous occupant will be moving out soon to live at the apartment next door. I am definitely looking forward to more space for sure.

I also plan on sewing a circle piece of cloth that I can use in rituals and to mark my sacred space.


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