A season of chaotic Hosts

Nicnevin with her nymphets, in number anew
With charms from Caitness and Chanrie of Ross
Whose cunning consists in casting a clew.

Alexander Montgomerie

Its a time to be wary of mysterious folk that wander the night time landscape. Those dressed in greens, reds, or blues seek to cause mischief or to cause harm. The Fairy host of Tir na Nog come to our realm in the seasons of the dark, haunted, and bitter cold. They partake in wild hunts to fight against rivaling Gentry and unsuspecting mortal beings of flesh and blood.

Art by Peter Nicolai Arbo

They are Fairies, beings that dance between the boundaries of life and death, physical and incorporeal, spirits of the dead and of gods, beings that were once human and never were. The Fae are beings that contradict many things with their very existence. The hosts of Unseelie are no different. Compared to the troops of the Seelie, the Unseelie certainly lack strict order and hierarchy. They do recognize various Queens and Kings with Nicnevin being one of these queens. She is a powerful being stated (or at the very least compared to) a God. This Fairy Queen is known as the Queen of the Witches, and since fairies have huge connections, both from folklore and personal experience, with witches and witchcraft this statement makes a strong point.

It is best to leave a gift of milk outside your front door to prevent the Wild host from pointing their parade towards you.


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