Masks for magical use

The use of Masks in rituals has been around for a very long time, “The oldest masks that have been discovered are 9,000 years old, being held by the Musée “Bible et Terre Sainte” (Paris), and the Israel Museum (Jerusalem),” (Masks: Faces of culture). Though the act of masking is much older, it is estimated to be about 30,000 to 40,000 years old. Examples of masks used in ritual use, not limited to just religious use, include the Masks of Cameroon, Kwakwaka’wakw ritual masks, and the Japanese  gigaku masks.

Within my own practice, I have used masks before in the past. I do plan on making papier-mache masks for my own ritual use both within witchcraft and my religious ceremonies.

I know I’m definitely itching to make a jackalope mask


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