The Cait Sidhe: Who are they?

the Rowan and the Staff

So since I read the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire (go read them if you haven’t, she’s a phenomenal writer!), I have been interested in the Cait Sidhe (Celtic, pronounced caught shee I’m told) or Cat Sith (Scottish, pronounced the same from what I have been told). 

Image Cat Sidhe by Aedsu @ Deviantart

Scottish Mythology says that the Cait Sidhe are large black cats that haunt the Scottish highlands. Other stories claim that it is a witch who has the ability to change into a cat. Still others say that it is a fairy that can transform into a cat nine times over.  

There are a few myths around, many Scottish, and a few Irish.  Information on the Cait Sidhe are hard to find online – it seems like most people just refer to the wikipedia page. I did find the following information from the website of Deborah McGillivray,

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