Come to the Goblin Market

With Yule over and Imbolc coming around the corner, I decided to have one last bit of fun this time involving the Unseelie Host. I was inspired by this poem to write the following ritual. The purpose being? Not only to strengthen connections and communication with the local fairy hosts, but to also have a bit of fun. Winter seems to be full of either seriousness or thoughts of summer, so lets change that up and have a bit of a party with some fairies! 😀

Screenshot 2015-01-06 at 2.28.14 PM - Display 2

Set up an altar as the image above. You may create sigils out of the sugar as well. The point of the altar is to appear as a market stand within the Goblin Market.


Once the space is set and the connection to the underworld made (represented by either a stang or a dagger stabbed into a pot of dirt), you shall call upon the fairy host to come to your stand. first their Queen


Chant together

Nicnevin, we invite you

come to our marketplace.

We have spirits’ brew

as a gift for your grace.

Come by please try

fruit most sweet and fair

Fairy host flies by

welcome within our lair.


Pour your beverage into the chalice and take a drink

Now to call to the rest of the host


Chant together

Morning and evening

Come buy, come buy:

Morns that pass by,

Come buy, come buy:

Taste them and try:

Come buy, come buy.”


Gesture towards your bowl of fruit and state what they are, and state why they are most delicious.


Chant together

The merchants all come.

cat’s face,

rat’s tail,

and snail’s shell.

Tumbled hurry skurry

Cooing all together:

and full of fun.


Light the candles and place out an empty bowl, the fairies are called, the stand is set. (the following doesn’t need to be said in exact, but similarly)


Speaker 1: Come look at my goods and try

Speaker 2: but I have no money to give

Speaker 1: Gold need not be a coin

Speaker 2: but I have no gold

Speaker 1: then what is that you have?

Speaker 2: *present the gold colored item you have*

Speaker 1: Yes that will do. Now try~ try~

Place a few coins, beads, etc (anything colored gold) into the bowl and shake the bowl to make a noise.


Both parties take a bite from the delicious dessert that is on the plate before them. Some words (anything and everything from prayers and wishes or just fun conversation) can be shared between the two as they eat and drink. Once they grow quiet and the plate and cup are empty, the two shall place the cup on the plate and clap their hands.


Wild things

the time has ended

Fairy Beings

the moon descended.

Fly fly fly!

Once this is over, you should move the sugar to disrupt the sigils. Pour the sugar into the bowl with the fruit. The fruit will be left as a gift to the fairy host and Nicnevin.


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