Thoughts about modern witchcraft

The Fool from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

A while back I had a comment on a video I posted. The video was about me rambling about a charm I was making, and the comment stated “Witchcraft is cool, but its too tame for me.”

At the time, I just rolled my eyes, but now I really am thinking about what that question means to me and my feelings towards witchcraft, especially modern witchcraft.

Witchcraft, historically and in folklore, is this dangerous, forbidden practice that stirred fear. A practice of extremes that could do fulfill the purpose of what the witch desired. One minute a witch would be grinding herbs to make a potion to heal a sick cow, and other times they are scraping up shit to a person’s door to steal their wealth (Irish Witchcraft and Demonology).Its something that called upon so many different methods to get what the person wanted.

People used witchcraft as a means to survive and to control their lives. And at times, they used this wild and undomesticated practice of magic to make their “civilized” lives in society better. An example: A single mother would enchant and ensnare herself a wealthy husband through the use of powerful love spells and charms (an example found here). The craft was seen as an act of rebellion. People practiced out of necessity, desire, and power.

But anyways to my main point, I wonder if modern witchcraft has become to civilized? Are people making a fool of themselves by only acknowledging and believing in the better parts of it? Is the ignorance towards witchcraft’s dangers and “darker” sides going to end up biting people in the ass?

The plants most associated with witchcraft (Belladona, Foxglove, Mandrake, Hemlock) can heal ailments of many kinds, but they also can kill anyone stupid enough to fool around with them and definitely have no quarrels against so. Is one of the biggest issues with modern witchcraft? That people refuse to have anything to do with certain parts of it? (Note: I want to make mention that I am not including anything involving social justice, any sort of oppression, or issues that arise from issues that people cause one another. I am speaking of issues as an objective contextual thing.)  

Can one truly love and understand something without understanding and accepting all parts of it? Or perhaps I am just thinking to hard into things?

Definitely questions that are becoming more clear as time goes on. What about you? What are your thoughts?


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