Traditional Witchcraft Book Rec’s: Gaelic and Brythonic

Spirits Craft

There are not many books about Gaelic and Brythonic Traditional Witchcraft. However, there are a few resources. Again, I am only listing books that are reasonably priced. This book rec list is not Celtic Recon, recons will not nec like any of these books.* This is for witchery.

Fairy Faith in the Celtic Countries by WY Evans-Wentz

Walker Between Worlds by RJ Stewart a new translation of Secret Commonwealth of Elves by Rev. Kirk.

Irish Witchcraft for the Irish Witch by Lora O’Brien

A Cornish Book of Ways and the Black Toad by Gemma Gary

Ogham Weaving Word Wisdom and Circle of Stones by Erynn Rowan Laurie, not about witchery, but magics a witch can certainly utilize.

The Ballad of Biddy Early by Nancy Willard, this is a childrens picture book, get it anyways alternately if you are above picture books, Biddy Early Wise woman of Clare by Meda Ryan

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