Traditional Witchcraft Book Rec’s: Hedgewitch

Spirits Craft

I am including only books that are affordable either used or new. There are very many expensive books out there that are wonderful, that I love, I tried to list more reasonably priced books from their bibliographies where I could. This first list is for the “Hedge Witch.” The hedge witch as I define it is often solitary in their rites, works with herbs and hedge row plants, crosses or rides the hedge, and makes potions.


A Witch Alone and Elements of Natural Witchcraft by Marion Green.

Mastering Herbalism by Paul Husson.

Green Witchcraft and others in this series by Ann Moura. (A tiny bit of Wicca mixed in, but clearly labelled when present).

Green Witch’s Formulary by Deborah Martin.

Traditional Witchcraft for Fields and Hedgerows by Melusine Draco and the other books in her series as well.


Witchcraft Medicine by Müller-Ebling, Rätsch, and Storl.

Sacred and Healing…

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