A desire of witchcraft

“The heart wants what the heart wants, even that which is worst for it”- Wonder Woman (2009 animated movie)

“The Heart wants what it wants – or else it does not care”- Emily Dickinson

The Baleful Head, painted by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

As my craft has formed and been growing within my years of practice, I’ve come to view magic and witchcraft very differently compared to when I first started. Magic is a connection of our selves (our souls if you like) to other spirits (doesn’t matter if it was once living or not) and to the Other Worlds. Its our ability to interact with these forces and interpret them within ourselves.

Witchcraft, on the other hand, can be a bit more hard for me to define. Its funny. In the past, I had no issue describing witchcraft. It was magic that gave me a tough time. But as I dive more into witchcraft, I realize its much more complex (best word I can think of right now) than I had originally thought it to be.

I had once described it as “A secular practice of magic”  and yes that is still true, and I do still describe it as such when a very simple explanation is needed; however, its not enough. Its like trying to describe a cat and saying “An animal with fur”. Yes its true, but its not really detailed enough to really entail what the animal really is. The same can be said of witchcraft and how I’ve described it in the past.

As I see it now…

It is rebellion. The word itself arose from the Bible, where it was first referenced as witchcraft itself (not a root word, not an earlier translation). It was talked about as evil, wild, barbaric, rebellious. Witchcraft went against Christianity (not so much the belief, but rather the tyranny it brought as an organized religion and the cruelty people did in its name), which is one of the reasons why it was so feared and still is.

It is about desire and choice. You don’t have a solution? Find another way. Look for another path. Make your own with your power. If its something you can agree with and oblige to, you can create a way. Its personal. It is about you and what you know to be right and true. An acceptance of what you are, how the world is, and what you can and cannot control. That control and power being magic.

It is wild and beautiful, refined and ugly, and it is the very will of humanity and nature. My favorite way to put it is: Witches are healers to those they like, and horrid hags to those they don’t. This site goes into great detail about the ideas and thought behind witches and traditional witchcraft (authentic as it puts it) http://www.heritagewitchcraft.com/witchcraft.htm

Now what really brings this up? Its story time….

When I was younger, I was on vacation visiting my family in Maryland US, and one day I was attending church with my Grand’mere. I remember seeing a pretty picture of Hawaii and making this comment “I think the earth is my heaven.”

My Grand’mere had patted my shoulder and told me, “Hun, the earth isn’t heaven. Hell is on earth.”

I remember feeling angry like she had lied to me. I think that was one of the bigger pushes towards my eventual fall from Christianity.

It might also be why I’ve never really been afraid of hell or the devil. Even when I was on the “Wicca-train” when I was 17, I felt it was strange that so many people had to make the distinction that the devil was not involved in their work. Still acting like they were afraid. The times I said that I only felt like I had to as if it was an unwritten (and on some sites it actually is written) rule to do.

As I grew away from Wicca, the above story often came into my mind. Why fear the devil? Its something that is suppose to be apart of the earth?

It was from then on that I started my long journey into witchcraft, but I also had unknowingly (or maybe did?) really started to look for who I am as a person and what I should really do.

The heart wants what it wants; else, it doesn’t care, and it most certainly doesn’t matter if it is bad for it.

Hope everyone enjoyed the rambles~


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