Note: In this discussion, I will be talking about the “3 fold law” and not “Karma”. I have many feels about that word and it being used in a Western context (mostly involves me rolling my eyes), and I honestly don’t think it really belongs in witchcraft, especially with how people say it works vs how it /actually/ work. Anyways, I won’t ramble on about that anymore. Here we go

My thoughts towards 3 main topics “The 3 fold law and the Wiccan Rede”, “Only use magic in desperation”, and “Never charge money for magic”. This may or may not turn into a rant v-v

3 Fold Law and the Wiccan Rede

What are my feelings towards the Wiccan 3 Fold Law? I should first address what it is and how it applies. Firstly, it simply goes “Mind the Threefold Law ye should, Three times bad and three times good.”

It can be found not only in Wicca, but also a few various other Neo Pagan practices (usually a more eclectic Neo Pagan practice). I’ve seen it both interpreted as being a simple “you get what you put out” to it being a cosmic force.

Honestly, my thoughts towards it are a bit of annoyance? But, it goes hand in hand with people, who believe themselves to be wiser than me, trying to scare me with their unwanted advice and influence how I should practice magic. It seems that this is more from know-it-alls (hey every group has them) and people who view the 3 fold law as a cosmic and sentient force.

This is very similar to my previous discussion about witchcraft (A desire for witchcraft). What are you all so afraid of? With how some people have raved to me, it almost sounds like some of you think this thing is out to get you.

The Three Fold Law is one of the things that pushed me away from Wicca, along with the Rede. I honestly don’t think it belongs in witchcraft. Its most certainly not present in my own.

Witchcraft is about making choices and being in control. I want to embrace and accept all sides of witchcraft, not just the ones that wouldn’t get me in “cosmic trouble”. Now, its not all about being jinx throwing, hex wielding witches that curse at every single person around them. Its about getting something or bettering something and deciding yourself what is the best way to go about it.


Magic doesn’t act on morality. It acts on what is the best method possible at the time. Sometimes that involves a ward simply pushing things away, and other times it involves them getting hit by a bus. Its not satient. Its a force that simply does what it does only being swayed at times by our wills. As a witch, I accept the price of using my craft. Nothing is ever free, I definitely feel the price I have to pay at times are worth the outcomes. If the benefit doesn’t out way the cost, I tend to find another method for a better benefic and easier cost. Every action has a consequence, whether it be a consequence that affects me or not.


I trust myself more than anything else, whether it be another thinking being or the concept of a code. If I fucked up, I fucked up, and if I done good its because I did it.


Magic comes at a time- “Using it for only the most dire of situations.”

I can’t help it, but when I hear or read about someone stating “Magic should only be used in the most dire of situations and as a last resort” I think “how the hell do you get better at it if you only use it so rarely???”


I guess this comes from how I view magic. I view it like a skill, in which you can improve upon and become more skilled in. As they say, practice makes perfect, and magic is no different. Can’t be afraid of it.

Money and Witchcraft- “You shouldn’t charge for it.”

I am going to be 100% honest. This is new age hippie bullshit. Witchcraft, back in the day, was something that people would sneak to see a witch and offer her any wealth to fix what needed fixing. Witches got shit done, and they were paid in kind for it. This theme of payment pops up in all sort of witch folklore from various sources. Some stories told about witches wrecking havoc for not getting paid the proper amount.


Witches want to benefit from their craft. A person comes to them asking for the aid of a charm or spell? You bet they would want payment for it, whether it be actual money or something like a gift.


“Cosmic enlightenment” < getting paid for my skill.

Now, its more than just simply the payment of a skill. In my practice, it’s an important part of the spell work. A person needs to contribute to the act in some way. They can’t just get a freebee. All parties gotta bleed for what they want. And they will either do it or not. If the person doesn’t want to pay you, its clear what they want isn’t really worth your time and energy.


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  1. I completely agree with you about there being people in the craft who will use the rede and path to make it seem like they are high and mighty – we all have different ways of practicing and isn’t one of the points of paganism and being a witch that we should do as we wish as long as it doesn’t harm other people….yet you can find so many people that are emotional vampires and readily willing to make someone feel like they are not practicing correctly.

    I like how you view the 3 fold rule – as it should not be something that people should be afraid of.

    As for payment – I do think that if someone outside of the practice is coming to you for some kind of help then they should give payment in some regard, but there is a coven around the corner from my apt, and they make people pay to be part of rituals and Sabbaths…which I do not care for – as it is hard enough to find people that you want to practice with


    • With the coven bit, I definitely would raise an eyebrow at it. I’ve heard covens having open donations that for when open circles and rituals happen, but nothing really like that.
      Then again, I’ve also heard of groups having a money pool that members need to contribute to in order to pay for rituals and gatherings.

      I suppose I was more referring to a payment of a service vs a community event


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