The Sabbatic Dance

Witches’ Sabbath from the Symphonie Fantastique

In the Ourobouros-bound Mirror of the One Dream

That is the Oracle of Visions, Infernal and Divine,

I have beheld Eternity’s Circle-dance – call’d ‘Nature’ –

Whose Patterns have bespoken the Sacred Myths of Man

And within Immortality’s Border I have danced,

Hand in hand with all Worshipped of Man –

With every God and Goddess revered of Our Mortality;

Yea, I have known their Touch and Sight,

In Conclaves of Blest Carnality.

Yea, I have danced through forbidden depths of Night

In the Covine of Witchblood’s Arcane Sodality.

And within the Fiery Core of Spirit,

Within the Fire of the Circle’s Heart –

That first flame before the Watchers’ gaze –

I beheld the Very Face of I,

That spake of Primal Sorcery.

It spake to me and charm’d me,

And led me through the Fire’s breach,

And named me and true-swore me:

The Sabbat’s Arte, to learn, to teach.

– The Sabbat: AZOETIA A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft by Andrew D. Chumbley

Last night was the Sabbat, and the full moon was truly beautiful. With my fellow witches, we prepared our altar, gave gifts to our Beloved and Mighty ancestors, and acted within our Counter Mass’ ritual.

It was there that I felt a connection with my craft that I had not felt in a very long time. The spirits were all around, and we spoke loudly and un-shamefully into the night. I lit the light of reason, and cast away the things in my life that sought to destroy me. For it was during this, I knew I was much stronger than those that try to hurt me

A fog had crept and veiled us from all unwanted eyes, yet the moon shined through the veil guiding us to our goals. Within the fog, the figures of many bore witness to what happened. The Gentry, ancestors that I knew, ancestors that I did not know, my fellow witches, and the man in black. I could feel them all around, and yet I felt like the outside world did not exist beyond the woods and marsh that I stood in.

When the ritual was complete, we drank, sang, and danced the Sabbat’s dance. A round and a round. I lost myself to the movement. I flew beyond. I could feel my body become heavier and heavier, until I could not take it anymore and dropped to my knees.

After that, we began to clear our altar feeling the other presences begin to leave and the world start to encroach upon us. We shouted loudly and boastfully into the night once more, before we departed at the crossroads and returned home.


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