Kitchen Witchery: Homemade Bread

Hearth Witchcraft


The weather here at Fogvale Cottage has been a mite dreary. Rain, wind, fog, more rain…just a typical February weekend here on the Pacific coast.

It’s a good weekend to be curled up under a handmade quilt with a steaming mug of tea and an adorable Italian Greyhound (who took to amusing herself by ripping the mane off her stuffed pony; sorry, Snowflake).

Unfortunately, in the midst of all this rain-enforced domesticity, I realized I was out of bread to make sandwiches for work tomorrow and – being without a car – no way in Hades was I walking to the store for a loaf of bread. What to do?

Make my own, of course!

I personally think everyone, but especially a hearth witch, needs a go-to recipe for sandwich bread, and this one from America’s Test Kitchen is one of the best I’ve tried. There’re no exotic ingredients, and…

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