Sometimes starting out can be hard

A few notes: I wanted to make note that this post is talking about self acceptance vs coming out to anyone. You are 100% within your right to never tell anyone who you are or what you do.

Source: More Celtic Fairy Tales by J Jacobs

It can be very hard starting witchcraft. A lot of people had been raised in very strict Christian homes, in which a lot of things were seen as evil and satanic. People feel genuinely afraid to try anything that a Christian would consider witchcraft. In fact, I know witches that have been practicing for years that are still afraid for their mortal souls.

I was lucky. Though my mother is Christian, she never used the idea of hell as a way to make me not do something. She would rather tell me to trust my judgement and to do my best to be a good person. And to this day, my mom is still very open with me being a witch. However, I know this isn’t the case for a lot of others.

How can one get over this fear? I’ve certainly remember being told, “I can’t practice to my full potential because I’m still afraid of…what if I’m wrong?” It can be hard to manage or even get over such a deeply rooted fear, especially for those who were raised with this placed over them. And its not even with just witchcraft, people are afraid to be true to their sexuality, their gender, and themselves because of something like this. Though, the idea of being kicked out of your home, bullied, or even killed definitely has a bigger role in regards to hiding things like being Gay or Transgender. However for this, I am not talking about coming out to others, but rather getting passed the fear and accepting yourself for who you are.

How do you accept yourself for practicing witchcraft?

There are a lot of ways to do this, some right and some not so right. I certainly do not agree with the method of bashing others to better yourself in the eyes of others (in terms of people saying “Witches don’t have anything to do with the devil or satanism”). Its denial and continuing the pattern of hatred and being unaccepting plain and simple. No, I am going to talk about how I and others have come to accept what we do and embrace it.

Not everyone will understand what you do: There will always be individuals and groups that will belittle what you believe and condemn it. You can try to convince them all you want, but they will not listen once they’ve set their mind towards something. You can’t change how they thing, you can only change how you react to them.

Accept witchcraft for what it is: It has a dark and mysterious past. The witches of the past cursed, cheated, healed, and did what they could to better their lives. And even today, it is still something witches do. Witchcraft is a practice of neither good or evil, but rather it is a practice of individuals. People bounce from left to right constantly throughout their lives. What is seen as good and evil is only determined by the perception of yourself and outsiders. Witches walk the crooked path, and it is best to accept that no matter what you say that truth will always be. To deny that they are not witches is to accomplish nothing.

Accept the history of witchcraft: There is no need to live in a fantasy of what history was. Witchcraft was seen as a horrible thing to a lot of people, and to be called a witch was a bad thing that’s why people were sometimes killed for being called that (though often they certainly were not a witch). It has a past that has ties to Christianity, and according to some traditions Christianity is the reason witchcraft exists as it is today.

Witches are human: We wound, ail, hate, as much as we heal, help, and aid. We are selfish and we are compassionate. Some use witchcraft in order to survive, while others use it to savor their spiritual needs.

Witchcraft has no rules and witches choose their makers: Some witches follow a creed, a rede, a code, while others only follow their heart. Some witches choose to follow higher powers, while others see themselves as their own masters. They dictate their own craft and care little of what others say.

The Devil is here and is not going to leave anytime soon: Whether you are actually satanic or a devil worshiper, the Devil is present in witchcraft. He is in the history and in the eyes of those that fear our practice. Not every witch works with him in their craft (nor in the same way for that matter), but he is still present, even if the only trace of him are the accusations leaving someone’s lips.

It can be extremely difficult for some when picking up witchcraft, especially those with a Christian background. There is a lot of hate and angry for those that have had their desires crushed. Some can accept the relationship  between Christianity and witchcraft, and they can even prosper from it (such as Christians that do practice witchcraft). However, you find yourself stuck. What can you do? The fear still lingers, though you’ve ended being Christian.

Learn that Christianity is a religion much like any other. One does not fear they are going to be punished by any other religion. But how can one reverse a heavy influence from a religion they no longer follow?

You can do things like formally renounce your following of the religion. A spell to undo your ties to it. Something as simple as staying “I am free of this influence, for I follow another path. One that is true to my heart.” It can also be vastly elaborate and represent how you feel about turning to witchcraft. You can turn it into a huge ritual of sort of self dedication.

Another thing? Its something I have grown quite fond of and have been doing the last month or so. You can say or chant a prayer/verse backwards.

Nema! Live morf su reviled tub

Noishaytpmet ootni ton suh deel

Suh tshaiga sapsert tath yeth

Vigrawf eu za sesapsert rua suh vigrawf.

Derb ilaid rua yed sith suh vig

Neveh ni si za thre ni

Nud eeb liw eyth

Muck mod-ngik eyth

Main eyth eeb dwohlah

Neveh ni tra chioo

Rertharf rua!

-The Lord’s Prayer backwards

You are essentially desensitizing it by showing it to be nothing more than words in your eyes. It doesn’t mean anything to you. In addition to this, you can also state various bible quotes backwards, and in a way you are stating a charm to undo the power they hold over you. Example: “evil ot hctiw a reffus ton tlahs uoht,” (Exodus 22:18).

Words are very powerful, and you would be surprised what something as simple as saying a phrase backwards can do.

And sometimes, its the simplest things that help the most. You just need time to think. Reflect about how you feel. Do you feel witchcraft is worth such effort? Read, learn, and educate yourself. You can take this time to speak with others and seek their council if you desire. It doesn’t have to be a witch. When I was thinking about becoming a witch, I spoke with my mother. She told me she didn’t approve, but that I had to follow what I thought to be right. Take time to contemplate the question, “Can you accept being a witch?”


I do hope the above helps everything or at least give them some ideas on what to do. And if you don’t fear going to hell? That’s awesome. I am really glad that you can practice freely with no regret 🙂


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