Dark Moon and the Renouncing

Source: Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

I have to say that February has been the most active month for my craft in a long time. Just a few weeks ago, I had participated in the Sabbat along with various other witches. I even performed the Counter Mass, thus starting on this journey of freeing myself and pushing towards what witchcraft truly is for me.

Even with all that, I still have much I must accomplish this short month. The dark moon is coming this week, and I luckily got the day off from work. It is a day of cleansing and renewal. With the power of the dark moon, I end all my past connections to any sort of prior faith or path I had followed. It is also my rejection of our patriarchal modern society.

I am doing the ritual with the Black Priest, who will guide me through my renouncing. I plan on sealing my new freedom within my own magical book. A mark of my determination. And on this day, I will completely clean and cleanse my space, so that I may start out in my endeavors with a fresh slate. And here’s hoping, I will be one step closer to the realization of my Fairy Lover, whoever they may be.

To the wilderness we go,

sun in back moon in front.

We will be wild and reckless

and have no fear in our eyes.

To our hearts, we shall pledge

that we are witches. It is known.


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