Energy work and Spirits

More Celtic Fairy Tales: The Horned Women

Energy work and Spirits, aka why energy work doesn’t work all that well for me and why it might not work for you either. Also known as, why your magic may not be living up to its full potential.

Not long were the witches in coming back, and they raged and called for vengeance.

“Open! Open!” they screamed. “Open, feet-water!”

“I cannot,” said the feet-water,” I am scattered on the ground and my path is down to the Lough.”

“Open, open, wood and tree and beam!” they cried to the door.

“I cannot,” said the door; “for the beam is fixed in the jambs arid I have no power to move.”

“Open, open, cake that we have made and mingled with blood,” they cried again.

“I cannot,” said the cake, “for I am broken and bruised, and my blood is on the lips of the sleeping children.”

-The Horned Women

What is energy work? Basically as I understand it and as many others do, it is the awareness and manipulation of energy both in foreign objects and within yourself. It is from that the user will direct it and control it to do their bidding. What exactly is energy? Energy, “the property of matter and radiation that is manifest as a capacity to perform work (such as causing motion or the interaction of molecules).the property of matter and radiation that is manifest as a capacity to perform work (such as causing motion or the interaction of molecules),” (SOURCE).  Basically, it is something that radiates and is found within every object and force within our realm.

Energy work often implements the use of visualization as a key tool in its use, “formation of mental visual images,” (SOURCE). For many of us, our sight is the main sensory. It is how we interpret our surroundings and help determine how to interact with it. Another common tool that energy work uses, the use of touch and feeling. You can find many energy exercises that enact the use of a person’s touch sensory such as rubbing their hands together and feeling the warmth come from the act.

Overall, energy work is a very useful tool. It helps one become more aware of their surroundings and the presence that objects put off. It allows the witch to interact with these forces in a manageable and conjurable way that is relatively easy to understand. But this is where I get to the however, its not enough for me.

Two of the Somerset witches in 1664 had familiars; to Elizabeth Style the familiar came as a black dog, ‘and when she hath a desire to do harm, she calls the Spirit by the name of Robin, to whom when he appeareth, she useth these words, ‘O Sathan give me my purpose’. She then tells him what she would have done. And that he should so appear to her was part of her Contract with him, (SOURCE).

The practice of energy work, while useful, can cause a huge distancing between the witch and the objects, creatures, and forces they interact with. They treat them as non-conscious things that are only to be effected and directed by the witch; however, the things have their own say. Rather then looking at them as merely vessels for energy, one should look upon them as having spirits. The objects, creatures, and forces that have a will of their own. Though not all of them are self aware as humans or animals are, they still do have their own governing self. Ignoring that can cause your spell work to be counter productive.

One of the things that sets witches apart from other practitioners of magic is their interaction with spirits by use of their self and familiar spirit, ” In early modern Britain both cunning folk and witches claimed to perform magic with the help of familiar spirits, but it is the witch’s demon familiar, whether in the form of a man or an animal, which is most recognizable to people today,” (Emma Wilby: Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits, pg 46).

There are accounts in folklore and witch trial documents of witches speaking to objects and forces as if they were sentient beings capable of intelligent thought. In the quote of “The Horned Women”, the witches speak to the objects in order to get the door to open, and the objects reply that they are unable to do so.

It was when I started to view the things I used in my craft as having spirits that I was able to truly connect and understand them. Ad with that, I was granted their aid in my magical desire.

So, the new witch might be wondering “Is energy work a key component of witchcraft?” or “why is my spell-work failing?” Your own master and there are many ways to achieve the same solution. The reason you may be failing is because you are trying a way that just doesn’t work for you.

So, I say this. Try whispering to the stones you use, chant to the candles, sing to the plants, share secrets with your Familiar spirit and maybe your attempts won’t be in vain.


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