Black Moon Sabbat

Tonight we shall feast

along with the dead.

Releasing the beast

whom we shall wed.

On the moonless night

the rite will be done.

With toads we take flight

till the rise of the sun.


On the night of the black moon, I started the evening by preparing a feast with my fellow witches. We prepared and cooked delicious ham with bread, vegetables, and wine. We had set the table and called our ancestors to join us in this dinner.

I took one seat, and he another; while, the Mighty Dead and beloved ancestors lurked around us. We ate and told of tales and of our lives to one another as we enjoyed the meal. And when we were full, we began our rites.

I renounced all that held me back. I abandoned all prior religions, and I spat upon the expectations that seek to destroy my very being. It was from that in which I cried out “Hail! Honored Ancestors!” And then, I began our rite, the Counter Mass. It took on new feelings for me as I had never lead the rite before. It was empowering and freeing. I felt and feel like nothing can seek to bind me down ever again.

When we finished, we anointed ourselves in flying ointment. I chose the Toad’s ointment and placed it upon my wrists, ankles, and chest. It was then that the Witches and me began to dance around the table and cry out, chant, sing, and moan in ecstasy. I could feel myself being pulled away from the ground. And  soon, we both collapsed as our familiar selves grabbed our spirits and flew into the night. That is when I had visions of strange lands of other figures, though it was brief.

Soon, I felt my heavy body and eventually regained myself.

My friend and I spent the rest of the night enjoying the cool air and then calling upon the power of the fairy pools for some scrying.

It was quite a lovely sabbat


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