Independence is key, but unity is vision

“Unity is vision; it must have been part of the process of learning to see.”
Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams

The Sabbatic practices have officially called me in, and it is in their name that I now, truly, seek unity within the craft. The idea of a Coven, a secret or close-knit group of associates, excites me greatly. However, I know that patience is most important when forming a group. You must make sure that all are comfortable, especially in something so intimate as witchcraft. It is easy to get lost in the idea of having a coven of witches.
I have, over the last few months, come up with various guidelines to follow:

  • All should be comfortable with the general practice
  • LGBTA+ friendly
  • Willing to meet for the full moon and dark moon
  • accepting of the Counter Mass (though they do not need to participate, since the Counter Mass is not the center point of the witches’ Sabbat)
  • understanding of the crooked path and respect for those who follow it
  • tolerance towards the beliefs that others have
  • Be safe to be around
  • Place the needs and welfare of the Coven as an important priority

It will be difficult to find a large group that can fit all of the needed criteria, but its something that will come in time. And at the moment, I feel that those joining should have some degree of experience, since I do not feel comfortable with teaching others.

With sabbat focused craft, the physical unity isn’t always needed. You can, ever full and dark moon, go out into the otherworld to dance, sing, and celebrate with other witches. Even those that are long dead, the sabbat is what can bring community to your craft.

Overall, a coven should bring unity, support, strong bonds, and a deepening of self. Others can bring more motivation, excitement, and joy to practicing. Though, one must not forget that witchcraft is about the self. Though we can be together, I must be able to strong on my own.

Hope this helps any that seek to join others in the craft


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