Day 1: Warts

I love this! 😀

Mountain Man Traditional Healing

I’m starting my journey with warts. Yes, warts. It’s a big category within Ozark folk healing. Vance Randolph in his Ozark Magic and Folklore says he interviewed a woman who had collected 125 individual wart cures. My uncle Bill, one of my grandpa’s brothers, was a known wart charmer. If you had a wart you’d just casually tell him, then he’d look it over and say, “I’ll give ya a penny for that wart.” Of course you’d take the penny, then within a day or so the wart would go away. This type of wart charming falls under the “buying” subsection. Buying illnesses in general might be a topic for another time.

Here are some quotes from Vance Randolph on wart charming:

Conjuring warts: using silent prayers and touching to remove warts.

“John Proctor Gentry, in Springfield, Missouri, assured me that he could ‘conjure’ warts. He refused to tell me…

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