Day 2: String

Mountain Man Traditional Healing

We’ve already seen how string can be used to “tie off” warts, but it can also be used in a lot of different folk remedies. One example to start us off comes from Vance Randolph:

“’Tying of chills’ was still practiced in Christian County, Missouri, as late as 1934. You take a string and measure the patient’s girth at the chest, then go to the woods alone, never looking back, and find a tree of exactly the same measurement. First tying one knot in the string for each chill that the patient has had, you fasten the string about the tree at the height of the patient’s chest. Do not look back at the string after it is tied around the tree, and do not tell anybody about the matter until you are sure that the patient has fully recovered.”

“Tying off” sickness with string is a common theme in…

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