Day 17: She Wouldn’t Be a Witch

Mountain Man Traditional Healing


“She Wouldn’t Be a Witch” an Ozark folk tale from “Who Blowed Up the Church House?” by Vance Randolph

“Once upon a time a crowd of country women were having a quilting bee, and they all got to talking about witches. One lady says she had heard a lot of peculiar stories about things like that. ‘I’d like to see one of those initiations,’ she said, ‘and maybe I’d even ride a broomstick myself.’ She was just a-talking for fun. But the joke seemed to fall kind of flat, so she didn’t say any more about it.

“When the party broke up the lady started for home, and one of the neighbor women walked along beside her. ‘Did you mean what you said, about becoming a witch?’ she asked. The lady was a little sore because her joke wasn’t appreciated, but she decided to carry it through. ‘Yes, I did,’…

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