Day 22: A Rant and Some Tree Lore

Mountain Man Traditional Healing


Before we get to talking about tree lore I’d like to have myself a little rant. I’ve gotten quite a few negative responses in the past week or so to my folklore posts. These responses seem to want to tell me that this folklore is useless, that the world works in such-and-such way and we should believe such-and-such. I don’t mind people sharing their opinions, even if they are obviously misinformed, that’s your freedom, but don’t think I won’t call you out on your bullshit. This is a blog that’s focused on Ozark folklore and folkways, Ozark people share a certain culture, and within that culture there are beliefs and practices that interest me. So when I talk about cursed trees, or plants associated with the dead, or how to get rid of a ghost, I don’t give two shits if you don’t believe that trees can be cursed, I…

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