Day 25: Rabbit Lore

Mountain Man Traditional Healing


This post came about when I was looking through “Folk Beliefs from Arkansas” by Mary Celestia Parler and I found a series of verbal charms related to the rabbit. Here are the charms I found, although if there are this many recorded, from several different locations in Arkansas, there are probably even more that have been passed down without being written down.

“Good Luck; if the first word you say on arising on the first of the month is rabbit.”

“If you sit up in bed on the first day of the month and say, “rabbit, rabbit,” before you do anything else, you’ll have good luck all month.“

“Dr. Riley of the History department told a friend of mine that her mother strongly believes in superstitions and on the last day of each month before going to sleep, the last thing she says is, ‘good night hares.’ The next morning…

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