Indwelling of Spirits and Forces: A bit of a ramble

The moment I started along the path of Faery and being a Fairy Doctor I had not known how deeply it would physically, mentally, and spiritually effect my body. One such thing was my sense of smell. Over time, it became so dull to what it is now. It is worth noting that I do not mind such a thing. I have never really been obsessed with how things smell. However as my smell grew weaker, I came to notice something else. A spiritual sense of smell arose.


I can sense unseen beings through my nose and even communicate with them in some ways. Why had this occurred? For the last year or so, I accepted it as a part of my “Sight” that was given to me by the fairies long ago. But within the last 6 months, my view changed. My nose is away with the fairies….to say the least.


I can certainly understand skepticism and eye rolling. It sounds a bit silly, but I am being very honest. What I am experiencing is Indwelling, as a priestess of the Morrigan informed my friend. Indwelling is when a specific part of your body is housing (or dedicated to) unseen forces or beings. From this, you can gain certain spiritual senses and aid from those beings and forces taking house inside those parts of your body.


From research into this, I haven’t found quite what I was experiencing; though, what I could find included the following: the belief when people experience sickness because of spirits dwelling inside their bodies or tales of the Fair Folk and various other spirits sometimes dwelling inside of objects and landmarks to make their homes in.


The best comparison I can relate to this, though, is either mediumship or possession; unlike taking control completely or taking temporary hold, indwelling is when forces or entities house in certain places in the body for long periods of time. Sometimes it is agreed upon, though sometimes not.


What sort of things can such a thing grant? There isn’t really a lot of information about this subject, so I must go on from personal experience and word of mouth. For me, it aids in my Sight as well as my practice in fairy doctoring. A connection and tie to Faery is an inherent thing for a fairy doctor, and with fairies indwelling in my body I have an even stronger connection. The powers, treatments, charms, potions, and spells of fairy doctors are taught either from a family member, a teacher, from fairies, or are given to directly to fairy doctors through unknown forces. A majority of my fairy doctoring is learned from my connection to the fairies and the dreams they, and Faery itself, give to me.


Indwelling also, from what I’ve experienced, allows for more easy communication between yourself and the being or force dwelling inside you. Though, it can be difficult sometimes to forcefully remove the indwelling spirit. Physical means are usually needed, so intense banishing would be key. It would be something that, at least I can’t reasonably see, be done alone. Another separate person would make the process a lot easier. Of course, there are some hints in folklore as to another method, which would be to remove the body part that is housed in. You can find this in tales of fairies plucking out eyes of mortals given “The Sight”.


This is definitely a very in-depth subject that requires more research and thought, but I wanted to share with everyone what I had discovered and what my thoughts were.


Hope you enjoyed the read! Even if it is a bit of a ramble.


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