Witchcraft hungers for you

Witches and old woman: By Francisco Goya

Midnight Sun

Cut lustre

On jeweller’s night

Draws us

Gather sabbatic

Bring grievances

Her witch eye



Block by block

The beautiful one

Stalks palaces and slums

-Apocalyptic Witchcraft: Peter Gray

Witchcraft is an old hag, dead and rotting. She sits on a pile of bones, and hides behind the graves of her elders. It is here where she lurks waiting for the right moment. Witchcraft hungers for youth, it hungers for you.

It is within youth that witchcraft is struck anew. The old hag withers, becoming one with the dead. She seeks the flesh and blood of babes. For when the witch devours the new life of the infant, it is allowed to be birthed once again into a new generation: the phoenix burning in its own fire.

But what does this mean? Why does it hunger?

From the beginning to the end, witchcraft survives, adapts, dies, and is born once again. It changes with every generation. And like the saying goes, “You are what you eat”.

Its view and thoughts differ with every generation, but the knowledge, the secrets, and desires are the same. It is with this that witchcraft succeeds so well. It is a practice that evolves, but the history and secrets are kept. The dead hold these truths, and they wait to pass them to the Mighty Descendants.

The very moment you step within the Sabbat these secrets are made possible. The witches are waiting there ready to teach and pass their secrets; however, are you ready to be dined upon by their wicked cannibalism? For when you are torn apart and thrown into the cauldron, the witch blood truly takes hold.


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