The Devil’s Dozen: 13 Craft Rites of the Old one

‘The Devil’s Dozen’ is a modern ‘gramarye’, or ‘black book’ of thirteen Craft rites of the Old One has been created and is offered by a present day initiate of the ‘Old Craft’

Within its pages there are to be found thirteen rites – for both the ‘lone’ practitioner and the assembled companie – of vision, sacred compact, dedication, initiation, consecration, empowerment, protection, illumination, union, transformation and devotion- Source

This was my first Gemma Gary book, and I have to say I am not disappointed. In fact, I will be purchasing more of her book. This is absolutely fantastic and is full of amazing rites for witches to perform. The author is fantastic in her writing skills, and the moment I started reading the Introduction was when I fell in love with Gemma Gary’s writing.

She is amazing, and I highly suggest this book to any witch seeking to have a bit more mystery in their craft.

I don’t want to go over this book in detail, since it would spoil the amazing pages. I will show what the book has in terms of chapters.

  • Introduction
  • The Man in Black – The Witch’s Compact
    A Call Unto the Dark Man
  • Under the Horns – Dedication and Initiation of the Witch
    A Rite of Witch-Initiation & Dediction
  • The Witch’s Nowl – Hallowing of the Working Ground
    A Rite of Hallowing for the Working Ground
  • Raising the Stang
    The Rites of Hallowing, Shodding & Raising the Stang
  • The Horned Castle – A Rite of the Compass
    A Rite of the Witch’s Compass
  • The Wisht Hounds – Rites of Warding & Turning
    A Call unto the Wisht Hounds
    A Rite of Turning
  • The Light Betwixt – Witch-fire & the Grand Array
    A Devotional Conjuration of the Witch-Fire
    A Devotional Mass for Old Master Bucca
  • All is One – Union with the Old One and the Spirit World
    The Rite of Union
  • Skin Turning & The Wild Hunt
    The Assumption of the Horns
    An All Hallow’s Rite of the Wild Hunt
  • The Bucca Vessel – A Rite of the Oracular Skull
    A Rite of the Bucca Vessel
  • The Old Farmer
    A Rite of the Green-Cap

Overall; I rate this book 5 stars out of 5. It is just that good. 100% worth the money.


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