Day 78: What is Folk Magic?

Mountain Man Traditional Healing



What is folk magic? I’m not 78 days into this project and I’m not sure I’ve talked about this yet. For me it’s not hard to understand, but I can see where there might be a lot of confusion about the subject. “Folk magic” is commonly defined as “The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to control natural or chance events or to influence the behavior or emotions of others.” That’s pretty broad though isn’t it? Well, yes, but that’s the point. Folk magic is often called “low magic” and separated from the more “ceremonial” types of work, at least in terms of traditional European magic. It’s the work of the common folk, passed down orally from generation to generation rather than be written down. The work of folk magic deals with everyday ills and sicknesses; blood stopping, wart curing, burn soothing, are all a part of…

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