There’s a piece wad please a brownie: A book of fairy offerings

There’s a piece wad please a brownie : a comparative study of offerings to the fairies in traditional cultures and contemporary earth-centred religions: by Silvester, Niko

The object of this thesis is to compare the practice of giving offerings to the fairies between two broad groups: the traditional or folk cultures of the Celtic areas and contemporary Earth-Centred spiritual groups. These offerings are discussed in terms of form and function in each of the two groups, and compared between groups. — The data for this study comes primarily from printed sources in the case of the folk tradition and printed and online sources in the case of Earth-Centred Spirituality. Information for both groups has been supplemented by personal communications and e-mail correspondence. — The emphasis of this thesis is on comparison between the folk tradition and Earth-Centred Spirituality, however, differences within each group are also noted. Most people following Earth-Centred Spiritualities have looked to folklore to some degree for inspiration or at the very least for enjoyment. It is this which forms the basis for the relationship between the two groups.Abstract of the Thesis

Looking through informative papers and books about both the classical and modern Fairy Faith, I ran into this thesis paper by Niko Silvester. It certainly has lots of information and sources.

If you’re curious as to the Fairy Faith and working with fairies, this text has a lot to offer. You can pick up a legal download from the link listed above.


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