It lives in a thought, and breaths through an action

Defining witchcraft has been haunting me for a time. It is something that cannot be limited to simple definitions. Witchcraft is a living and breathing word that changes like the world. It exists in a seemingly untouchable state within an unseen plane. It is a tree of the earth, but we merely can observe what is on the surface. How can one define something that is riddled in constant change, secrets, and unseeable forces? Here comes my dilemma.
When I seem certain as to what it is, the craft shows a completely different course to my path. It leads me farther and farther down into a spiral. I know in my heart that my ideas and thoughts will always change, just as witchcraft does. But as I grow and learn, it is important for me to contemplate and ponder about such subjects. It is with that action I am able to better see myself and know myself as not only a witch, but as a person.

So what is witchcraft? It is a craft of magical intent and skill. But, it is far more than just this. It is full of sin, it is selfish desire, it is true wickedness, it is literal poison. It is defined by the accuser saying that it is not of god… it is satanic. This is true. Witchcraft is a maleficent form of magic, for it is not bound by the laws of gods or men; the elite or the powerful. It is a practice of traitors, rebels, and poisoners. We seek the counsel of gods, spirits, demons, and fairies for our own benefit, for our own narcissistic spiritual prostitution.

Yet…If you still are reading this, you know witchcraft, and do not fear the roots and dirt. The witch knows themselves and the nature of the world. You know of the blossoms and fruit that spawn from this tree: just as you know the roots that live deep in the dark earth. Witchcraft is a poison to the accuser, but an antidote to the witch. Poisons kill and cure dependent upon the knowledge and understanding of the poison.  And this is why witchcraft is feared. Witchcraft seeks those that know it, for we are kindred. It is inherent of spirits and everything around us. It cannot simply exist in the mind.

The craft is an action, an experience, a relationship. The witch may be cut from society, but they cannot be cut from the world, from the otherworld. It is a spiritual practice of magic and is one with nature. But, it is not merely limited to one aspect of nature. It is both the wild forests, but also the urban cities of man and technology. For nature is the very existence of life and death itself. It is the connection between polar opposites. A path bouncing between two extremes, becoming crooked in this action.

Taking in what is around, a witch can find the magic in anything. The tools of our lives can become sacred objects. It is of practical actions and sacred rites. Two extremes and all in between. When I discarded the binary concept of good and evil, when I truly cut my ties with Christianity, I truly started to understand this all. I understood that it is completely alien to the norms of society. I cannot truly describe it. For witchcraft is more than just paragraphs of words. It is the heart and mind of every witch, both living and dead. Yet, it is a sentient beast of its own. One that doesn’t speak, it can only feel.


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