A Fairy Doctor

My oath as a Fairy Doctor
  • To See

I must widen my gaze and see both what is seen and what is not. The process of learning takes a ready mind, and to learn I must keep my eyes open to what is seemingly impossible. The invisible realm is my world, the fairies my covenant, and mortals my brethren. I exist on the outskirts of both Faery and the mortal world. I know both. To see for me is to know. Sight is my power

  • To Speak
It is known that I must speak. To be silent when unneeded would be a crime against my very practice. I must commune with both mortal and fairy people, and I must honor their creeds. I am the bridge between. My voice aids, and it can teach. I wish to bring peace
  • To Stop
My services can never be free for it will insult what I am; however, I should never allow the unknowing to believe what is not true. I must be honest with them and stop their actions if they are deemed false. To not take such action would bring dread upon myself, my house, and my practice. Not all is true
  • To Save
Within fair deal, as is important to those such as I, it is my duty to cure fairy ailments. Both man and beast, I tend to their plights. I take risk in what I do, but it is as I am. Sacrifice is needed to heal


My practice as a Fairy Doctor spawns from various sources: the folklore and history written and spoken about various Irish folk healers (the Bone Setters, Wise-men/women, the Fairy-men/women, and the Fairy Doctors), my own experiences from my peers and interactions with the Fairy folk, and from the growing knowledge from my own progress within the art itself. It takes time, but time brings wisdom. This is most certainly a practice that requires not only wisdom, but a cunning eye, a firm embodiment, and a seemingly supernatural touch.
I seek to heal the supernatural ailments, rather than the natural sicknesses and troubles that can be cured by the use of medicine.
As I hope to save those who are struck by the other crowd, I must be given proper payment. It is through sacrifice, both mine and others’, that I can heal what has been done, or prevent what might be done. However, I cannot take the payment from one that is not ailed by those of or relating to the fairy folk. The very act would insult myself, my practice, and bring upon the wrath of fairies around me. For to do so would mock the fairies. The same can be said of the opposite. I cannot mock those that come to me in good faith and legitimacy. If the person was truly ailed by the fae, I would suffer their attacks for doubting their existence and power.

I shall seek to cure through charms, prayer, spirits, herbs, stones, sacred places, and so on. And, I accept that the act of curing another can bring upon the rage of the fairy folk involved.

To many, I am away with the fairies, and their skepticism I understand. Though unlike many, I’ve seen and known the other world.

“We are children of the Moon;
We are born of shining light;
When the Moon shoots forth a ray,
Then it takes a fairy’s form.”



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