Hello there! My name is Lizzy, and this blog is about my experiences of practicing the Fairy Faith in Washington state.

I’ve been a Pagan for the past 4 years now, and the fairy faith has been a large part of my spirituality; especially, the Irish part taking much inspiration from my heritage.

A part of my religious practice is that I partake in witchcraft and fairy folk magic.

Let me know if you guys have any questions in regards to these posts or myself~ I would be more than happy to answer!

If you do have questions, you can reach me at: Faerylizzy@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Friend! I happened upon your blog. I too am in Washington State. I was wondering where abouts you were located. I’m in Bellingham. I ask because you have some lovely photos throughout your blog (from what I saw), and I’ve been at a loss as to where to go for a lot of my outdoor venturing that is more wild and less….well, populated trails, that I don’t have to drive 45 minutes (I might be asking for too much!).
    Happy to have stumbled upon a fellow Washingtonionite! Blessed Be!


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